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Reviews from some of our customers
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Muhamad Helmi Muhamad Som
Good value for money
Siroos Khadem
One of the best pizza shops in Melbourne
Man Chun Hui
i like the pizza and the wings, its alsome
Waseem A Zahid
* Delivery on time or even early. * Great taste. * A whole lot of varieties to choose from. * Very detailed and user friendly website. * Did I mention great taste?
Nicholas Handley
Pizza was excellent and staff were amazing, helping me change my tyre when I had a flat out the front.
Bryan Duke
If there was an option '6' i would give it, BUT, since there isn't i will simply say that the team at Forest Hill make THE best pizza's EVER!!! Keep up the excellent quality and prices and options, and It's Pizza Time will out do, without a doubt, EVERY competing pizza store in the district. Cheers - B.
Gracine Rose
Very happy, lots of topping, and very quick delivery
Sue Smith
Food is always good. Staff are always friendly
Kelly Falco
I order from here too often to admit and it's pretty much always great, last night though was the best pizza yet! Compliments to the chef ;)
Sapphira Chalkley
Great Pizza, easy to use online ordering system. Thank-you
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